Sign up for a 8 day workshop with Tcha Limberger in Solsona! 

This 2021 AIMS edition features a workshop about the music of Django Reinhardt open for interested students from August 7th to 16th (arrival and departure days included) in Solsona.

Django Reinhardt was the first musician to play jazz on string instruments and to reinvent European jazz. In interactive sessions, the workshop aims to explore and train on ensemble playing in the jazz manouche style of Reinhardt. These sessions will cover the concepts of jazz, the manouche element, and Django’s music, as well as the practice of melody and harmony interpretation and group phrase repetition.

The workshop is conveived and led by Tcha Limberger from Belgium, who has taught courses all over the world in various formats and levels, including at the Weimar summer school, L’académie d’été Neufchateau, Agios Lavrentios music village, and Django fests USA. If you have reasonable knowledge of your instrument – preferably guitar, violin, clarinet or double bass, though also welcoming other instruments such as accordeon, sax or flute – and the courage to play by ear, sign up to this unique learning experience!

Tcha Limberger                                                                      Django Reinhardt