Dear friends,

After celebrating 20 years of AIMS in the previous edition in which we broke all possible records (a large audience in the midst of a pandemic, more than 130 students, more than 25 teachers…), I really want to continue with the project that we started in 2002 with the vision of creating an exceptional international music academy and festival.Over the last few years, thousands of extraordinarily talented students from all continents have met in Solsona in August to learn more with us, to perform at our many concerts in the most beautiful venues, to meet and make friends, to try new languages ​​or even to enjoy the summer of Solsona’s surroundings, the sun and the beautiful mountain landscapes.

For 2022 we are working to achieve the most magnificent event possible, achieving maximum levels and with lots of changes in the academy. To get started, check out our prestigious (and very new!) faculty!
Imagine being one of the interpreters of more than 40 concerts!

Sign up and be encouraged to experience AIMS, this unique community of professional musicians, excellent students, who each year increases its audience that enjoys the best music in the most beautiful places.

We are aware that Covid-19 is still with us, but… if we have celebrated AIMS in the last two years, it will not stop it this year! In addition, for your peace of mind, the AIMS Foundation undertakes to fully reimburse the amount paid in the event that any circumstance may lead to cancellations -both on their part and on ours-. So don’t worry and sign up for AIMS!

See you soon!

Peter Thiemann
President AIMS Foundation


AIMS is like a big music family. It is very intense, with lots of fun and chances to present yourself. Once you get there, you wanna come back every summer.

Ekaterina Manafova

viola student , Universität der Künste (Berlin)

One of the most intense days, busy and super fun with the best group of boys and teachers. I cannot recommend it enough because it fascinated me.

Anna Litvinenko

cello student , The Juilliard School (New York)