Welcome to AIMS! 

AIMS stands for Academia Internacional de Música de Solsona. AIMS has been operating for more than 20 years, running three programs: AIMS Academy, AIMS Festival, and AIMS Social. The AIMS Foundation has been established in 2015 to expand on these existing programs and to add new ones.

The AIMS Foundation operates in the field of classical music and education, providing activities which aim to serve as links between music and society. It strives to foster interaction between young musicians from any nation, introducing activities of comprehensive mentoring and guidance to young talents especially for those whose origin or economic possibilities limit a proper development of their professional training. Naturally, creating great music starts by nurturing young musicians.

The AIMS Academy invites and brings talented young music students together from around the world, and provides private and group mentoring with highly renowned music professors from well-known institutions.

The AIMS Festival provides an opportunity for students to express their talents and newly learned skills in front of local audiences, in historic locations and churches and towns. The performances at the music festival are the culmination of tutoring and mentoring that finally connects the students and teachers to the audience.

AIMS Social carries out social activities that link music with society. The program brings live music performances to those who cannot come to concerts: to medical centers, senior living facilities, and homes for the elderly and the disabled.

AIMS Mentoring and Guidance. This program provides comprehensive mentoring and guidance to young talents especially to those with limited opportunity for professional training.

Peter Thiemann
President of the AIMS Foundation