Great News.

This year you can join AIMS Festival from wherever you are.
We will life stream for you. Don’t miss:

  • August 8th – 10.00pm UTC +2 live from Cardona.
    AIMS Faculty Concert from the Col·legiata Church.
    Outstanding scenery, great music by Richard Strauss, Carl Maria von Weber and Ludwig van Beethoven. You’ll enjoy a great deal.
  • August 17th – 12.00 pm UTC +2
    Life stream from various AIMS locations.
    You will learn about the wide range of AIMS 2019 activities.
    This life report will be fun. 
  • August 18th – 8.00pm UTC +2 live from the Theatre of Solsona.
    You will be able to witness the AIMS 2019 closing gala concert.
    Get impressed listening to the art of the most outstanding AIMS students. Also enjoy the concerto for violin, piano and string quartet by Ernest Chausson.